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School concerts

As children in Norway enter school, they will experience 20 live concerts during their ten years in primary school. Artists from all over the world ensure that pupils experience music of many different styles, from folk music and opera, to hip hop and baroque music.

Music inspires and includes, challenges and involves, moves and delights. Music makes magic happen. Welcome to the school concerts, and to musical experiences that can last a lifetime.

The school concert scheme is part of The Cultural Rucksack, and is a cooperation between Norway’s county municipalities and Concerts Norway.


Concerts Norway is a national participant in The Cultural Rucksack. The school concert scheme is financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture.

The school concert scheme is realized through cooperation between Concerts Norway and the county municipalities in Norway. The school concerts are the central part of the music component of The Cultural Rucksack.

Concerts Norway has the overall responsibility for the school concert scheme in Norway, and maintains the professional framework for the activities. The county municipalities are responsible for planning and producing many of the concerts offered in their regions.

Norwegian municipalities subscribe to the school concert scheme, which today includes 99, 7 % of all primary schools in the country. 600 000 children are visited by professional musicians at school twice a year. Each school is responsible for the practical arrangements around their concert. Annually, approximately 800 musicians perform nearly 10 000 concerts in Norwegian schools.