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Children’s Arts Exploration

Children’s Arts Exploration is an international family festival and a meeting place for a diversity of musical and cultural expressions from places all around the world. The festival includes workshops, performances, concerts, food, and exhibitions for children of all age groups. Free entrance for all.

Children’s Arts Exploration grew out of the Oslo World Music Festival (a festival that was an integrated part of Concerts Norway until 2012). Children’s Arts Exploration has been organised and promoted by Concerts Norway in cooperation with Oslo World Music Festival since 1999.

In 2008, Children’s Arts Exploration expanded its scope. From having been an annual festival in Oslo the last ten years, it was established in counties all over the country. We are now about to reach our national goal: by 2014 Children’s Arts Exploration is established as an annual event in all of Norway’s 19 counties.

You may visit the Children’s Arts Exploration in these cities: 

Hammerfest - Finnsnes - Narvik - Levanger - Trondheim - Oppdal - Hardanger - Førde - Stavanger - Kristiansand - Grimstad - Skien - Gol - Larvik - Oslo - Fredrikstad - Lillehammer - Tynset - Lørenskog - Asker - Ås


Concerts Norway is a main partner the first two years, during which it acts as adviser and offers workshops for free. From year three, the local/regional organiser is an independent organiser, and Concerts Norway acts as a guide and adviser.

Children’s Arts Exploration is based locally, with local organisers who adjust and fit the event to the specific local conditions and environment.

Who do we cooperate with?
- Community arts schools
- Performers
- Multicultural local communities, such as reception centres for asylum seekers, etc
- Schools: primary and secondary schools, upper secondary schools, university colleges, art schools, other learning institutions
- NGOs
- Libraries
- Choirs, marching bands and dance groups for youth
- Other cultural production centres

Cooperating in what?
- Programme content, both professional/amateur
- Decoration
- Host
- Food and market place
- Technical staff
Documentation and marketing

The programme of the festival day may be compiled like this:
- Wide variety of artistic and cultural expressions
- Various nations and countries represented
- Specialised offers to the different age groups
- Participation from the audience
- Activities for grown-ups and children together
- Professional workshop leaders

Children’s Arts Exploration Nationwide 2012 facts:
34 000 participants
15 festivals 
7 500 people in action: volunteer, on stage, host, market place
50 nations represented in the programme
117 NGOs 

Children’s Arts Exploration showed us an important direction to our local diversity work. 
- André Ruud, local organiser and promoter in Asker, Akershus county

Children’s Arts Exploration is exciting and interesting to work with, as we involve our local cultural life while being part of a national network. Working with Children’s Arts Exploration also contributes to put focus on all the positive resources in the multicultural city of Skien.    
- Frid Berge, local organiser and promoter in Skien, Telemark county

Waiting is a key word when speaking of the people who live at Veumalleen reception centre… Children’s Arts Exploration offers a break during what sometimes is a grey everyday life. Inhabitants who take part in the festival feel that they are being seen, and experience that other people wish to get to know them and their cultures.
- Frøydis Jensen, Veumalleen reception centre, Norwegian People’s Aid