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Concerts Norway has for more than 20 years been a spearhead in the field of multicultural music through the collaboration with partners in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America.

Since the year 2000, a collaboration with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has given Concerts Norway the chance to work with music outside of Norway. Our main goal is to present good concert experiences to children and young people, but also to offer live quality music to a a public audience.

In addition, we are involved in several development- and pioneer projects.. Among them are music education in Palestinian schools in the West Bank, school concerts in China, a teaching programme on string instruments in schools in Brazilian favelas, presentation of heavy metal in India, and music festivals in Sri Lanka.

Concerts Norway aims to create mutual understanding, knowledge and respect across cultural and geographical borders. Also important is network building, to strengthen cultural diversity, to strengthen the Norwegian reputation abroad, and the use of music in international aid policy. The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ overall goal is to strengthen the cultural sector in developing countries.

The activities abroad and in Norway have increased immensely over the last years, as has the number of festivals, clubs, universities and organisations that take part with us.

For Concerts Norway, this engagement is a source of continuous learning, in which our own way of presenting music is constantly challenged. We adjust to new ways of planning and carrying out activities, and meet other criteria of quality. This, in turn, gives inspiration and new knowledge, which Concerts Norway wish to invite other participants in the Norwegian music milieu to take part in.